Discover and enjoy our vast selection of beer from around the world.

Visit our stores and explore the global section of beers we have sourced for you that has allowed us to create one of Calgary’s best beer selections. You will find beers from every part of the world, from the hot Caribbean islands, to the cool hills of Belgium and the surrounding towns. Come learn and explore our beer rooms and you will be awe-struck by the selection and styles we have waiting for you to discover.



No matter what you’re cooking up, we have wines to match.

We pride ourselves in having wines from all around the world in our stores, so that you can discover and explore flavors and styles from around the globe.  Our great staff can help with picking out a new wine to try, pairing up a wine with your favorite dish or show you new wine regions you might have never known about before.



Whether your evening involves relaxing or partying , we have the cocktail to go with it.

Walk through our store and you’ll have plenty of tasty cocktail ideas to try out at home. You can also ask for information and recipes regarding any of our products which will add the excitement you want to your evening.

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